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Graciela & Monica Newsam
Lionel Goutelle
Martinez Brothers
Rafal Walusz
Françoise Rochais
Elastic & Francesca
Duo Zontli
Marcel Krämer
Noel Aguilar
Jeremy Gasser
Cesar Dias
Duo Stauberti (Dimitr and Nancy)
Duo La Vision (Richard Jecsmen and Oksana Pylypchuk)
Oksana Pylypchuk
Yana Semilet
Fratelli Caveagna (Davide and Andrea)
Vioris Zoppis
Carmen Zander
Duo Silver Stones (Kirill Lianoi and Dimitriy Lykov)
Duo Ballance (Constantin Ciobotaru and Dan Tazlauanu)
Duffy Brothers (Tom and Jamie)
Saly Brothers (Joe and Karel)
Alex Michael
Nelson Zamperla
Wolf Brothers (Richard and David)
Marek Jama
Max Weldy
Annaliese Nock
Stefano Orfei Nones
Giorgio Vidali
Les Sandros (Sandro Monteiro and Nathalie Daubard)

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